Laser Combat

You have played Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo games -
Now it is time to LIVE them!

Each player will be armed with a startlingly accurate infra red laser weapon. Then two teams will battle their way through a series of thrilling combat games, completing a variety of challenging missions and engaging the enemy in a variety of shootouts and skirmishes.

Each purpose built war zone is full to bursting with bunkers, barricades, cover points and dense woodland. It's a trigger pumping thrill ride from start to finish. 100% clean and 100% painless. Don't miss out.

The facilities on offer at this thumping battleground include ample parking, men's and women's toilets, changing rooms and a conference space for up to 200 people. You can take advantage of the on-site micro-brewery with 2 bars and function areas available. Brewery tours can also be organised, which are a perfect addition to any laser combat experience.


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