About Us

You have played Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo games

Now it is time to LIVE them!

Battlesports Glos

Established for over 10 years - providing quality events for players of all ages. We use the very latest digital technology to keep ahead of the competition and customer experience is our number one priority! 

Each player will be armed with a startlingly accurate infra red laser tag weapon. Two teams will compete against each other through a series of thrilling games and missions, completing a variety of challenges to see who will be crowned victors at the end of the day.

Each purpose built game zone is full to bursting with bunkers, barricades and cover points. It's a trigger pumping thrill ride from start to finish. 100% clean and 100% painless.
On-site facilities include:

Parking, Cafe, Toilets, Covered Seating for Spectators, Picnic & Play Area, Army Mess Tent 

From 30 mins Pay & Play to All Day!


Lasertag mission
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