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Laser Tag Games to suit everyone - perfect for Team Building 

Team Death Match

The classic game mode, stay alive for as long as you can and eliminate the enemy team!

Capture The Flag

A very popular mission: there are two flags, one in each base. You have to storm the opposition's base, capture their flag and then get it back to your own base alive!


A botched munitions drop has landed directly in between the opposing forces bases. The demolition crate must be taken into the heart of the enemy’s base and detonated in order to win the game.


It has never been more important to keep a cool head under pressure. The medic of each team must travel the battlefield reviving eliminated players being careful not to die themselves otherwise it's game over!

Hard Target/VIP

The objective of this game is to escort the hard target from the crash site to the extraction zone.

Bad Intel

Surveillance of the enemy base has shown that they are creating a biochemical weapon. Alpha team must infiltrate the enemy base, steal the catalyst and return it to their base in order to create the weapon themselves. However, the catalyst is concealed within a regular looking ammo cache, so Alpha team may have to assault the enemy base multiple times to find the catalyst. The catalyst is unstable and too much shaking will cause it to explode when opened so escort the box safely and securely!


and others:-

Free For All, Encounter Assault, Arena Skirmish and more!


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